Now you can have your cake, and eat it...

(along with bread, granola, pasta, quiche and much more)

Welcome to my website where you can find food to buy, where to find me and a little bit about me and my diabetes journey.

Do you miss your bread?

I make white bread (and rolls),  'wholemeal' style brown and seeded bread - all low carb and suitable for diabetics,  keto dieters, vegetarians or anyone who wants a healthier option.

Not just bread!

I also make a small range of savoury foods including 3 varieties of quiche, sausage rolls (vegetarian options coming soon), pizza bases and my own recipe low carb, high fibre pasta.

Get (low carb) chocolate back in to your life

You dont have to give up treats either so I do a small range of treats such as bombs, bites and cookies - all using 70% dark Belgian chocolate.

Food with no comprimise

Low carb and keto foods often means comprimising on taste and texture as long as it 'looks' like the regular thing, but thats not my way of thinking. My ethos has always been to make food I can eat that tastes just as good as the food I had to give up. 


My food has helped me and my customers manage and control their weight and blood sugar levels.


I use specific specialist flours and sweeteners, nut and lactose free milks along with fresh ingredients, flavourings, herbs and spices in my products.

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