My Story

My Journey

As the UK went into the first lockdown and restrictions because of COVID-19, I was also given my diagnosis for Type 2 Diabetes.

It was a challenge to adapt to a new diet and I also found it difficult to find the ‘right things’ to eat in the shops. So I started making the things I was missing most; quick breakfast items such as cereal and toast, bread and bread rolls, things with chocolate like cakes and brownies and little treats like jam on my toast (after all, I was being very good on my new diet). Plus I had to make it all suitable for inclusion in a low carb diet.

Over 4 months I lost 20kg (3 stone) and my first set of results since diagnosis showed that I had reversed my T2. However, I also learned that to keep things under control, I would have to stick with my new food way of life. It would be so easy to undo all that hard work. I really enjoy my new low carb food lifestyle and I’ve found new foods that I wouldn’t have entertained before.

My Business

Exactly 1 year after diagnosis I launched Mr C’s Low Carb Kitchen, because in that year I met more diabetics who also struggled to find healthier alternatives of the foods they miss.

I’m also very aware that specialist ingredients such as the different flours and sweeteners are much more expensive than standard wheat flours and sugar we can buy in the shops and supermarkets.

My range has expanded to include white bread and rolls, pizza bases and savoury food like quiches, sausage rolls, Not Cross Buns and loaf cakes – all low carb of course and suitable for diabetics, Ketogenic (Keto) diets or any one that just wants to eat healthier food.

My ethos is simple – to help diabetics find tasty healthy food we can enjoy and to keep it affordable.

5 things about me:

I’m originally from Birkenhead 

I learnt to cook from an early age.

When I’m cooking (at work) I listen to podcasts .

I like to play or watch mosts sports but I cannot stand cricket.

I haven’t had a bag of crips in over 2 years.